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1.Easy Pay: Is a payment service for online shopping by Telenor & Tameer Bank. You can make a payment at neareast Easy Paisa Shop,Your Easy Paisa Account Or using a Visa/Master Card. For more information on Easy Pay, Click Here.

2. Local Bank Transfer: Make a payment from any Bank of Pakistan by Online Banking,ATM or Phone Banking.

We value your hard earned money and therefore offer you a buyer protection.

If your a new customer and feel unsecured about paying in advance before getting your product delivered and if your order is less then Rs 2,500 then you are eligible for buyer protection, buyer protection is a services where you pay the amount of your order via easy paisa/mobi cash/omni by CNIC and do not provide your secret transaction code until or unless your product is delivered and redeemed successfully without the secret transaction code we wont be able to receive your money.

  • Terms and Conditions apply.
  • IF failed to pay for your order KeysTeez reserve the right to retain and suspend your gaming account of steam,origin,uplay e.t.c

Simply select Buyer Protection in Checkout page.

Yes, All the games in our store are original games.

DLC Pack is the extension of the base game which add additional contents to the game such as vechicles,guns,missions,game modes e.t.c.

  • DLC Pack Requires Base Game to Play. 

Season Pass OR Premium Pack includes all the released and upcomming DLC Packs of the Game.

  • Season Pass/Premium Pack Requires Base Game to Play. 

No, These are platform based game therefore no disks are provided and games are only downloaded from the internet. We will only provide you a cd-key which will give you access to the game and it files.

As soon as your payment is received, your order is delivered in 45 minutes average in some cases it may take 24-48 working hours.

Your CD Key/ Code will be Email as well as SMS to you.

As all these games belongs to different platform’s all you have to do is download the Platform, Sign up, Redeem your Game,Download and play. For More Visit Tutorial.

Your game files will be downloaded from its designited platform once the game has been activated.

Yes, You can download files in 1 PC and then transfer it to another PC to play.

You can run this game on unlimited number of computers but can only be played once at a time.

No,Your downloading will continue from where it was left off but in some cases you might loose few MB’s of the data and in very rare case if the crash corrupted the data then you might need to start all over again.

No, The game is attached to your account so you will not loose the game instead you can redownload the files and start playing again.

Yes, you can play multiplayer with your friends as well as local and international lobbies, If that game supports multiplayer and online multiplayer.

It varies from product to product, we may or may not provide snapshot but all the codes are 100% Legit and Original.

Yes, we provide guarantee and warranty but terms and conditions apply.

If the problem is with the activation then we will resolve it for you as part of our Activation Guarantee & If you have any other problems then you can contact official support of that platform.

Activation guarantee is where we will make sure the game brought is activated into your account.We have a success rate of 99.98% and very rarely one of the 3 errors could occur & IF it does Click Here for more details.

If your having any issues/troubles in the game you can contact the designated platform to get offical support, they will help you to resolve any issue. 

Yes, you will get all the upcomming updates and patches automatically.

Still Have any Questions Feel free to Contact Us