Pre Order Questions?

Q1. What is Pre-Orders ?

Pre-Orders is an order placed for a product before it is available for purchase.

Q2.Why Pre-Order ?

To get early access, additional contents, exclusive offers and features e.t.c

Q3.Do I Get all the Pre Order Contents?

Yes, you will get all the pre order contents that are mentioned in our store product page but we do not guarantee any contents as its totally up to developers. If there is nothing mentioned regarding bonus contents then you may or may not get it. KeysTeez will not be hold responsible for if any content is missing.

Q4.When to Pre-Order ?

If you are willing to buy a game then we suggest placing your order as soon as possible because as the game get closer to its release date the prices goes up rapidly and is finally fixed at maximum after the release date which is always higher, mostly the price is fixed for days,weeks or maybe months depending on its popularity in very rare cases prices drops.

Q5.What if the prices increase or decrease after i place my order, in case if it increases will i pay extra or decrease will i get my money back?

As soon as you clear your payment your order is booked at that price, you will neither pay extra nor get your money back as you have already purchased the product.

Q6.When do i get my pre-order ?

We try our best to grab your order as soon as possible 2-3 before the release date, as you know millions of copies are distributed worldwide and we have to wait in query so it may be delayed to the day of release but you will definitely get it on the release date.Some pre orders are delivered instantly depending on availability.

Q7.Can i cancel & get a refund for my pre-order ?

Yes, you can cancel and get a refund for your pre order only till the 24 hours of the payment however refund charges may apply.

Q8.I think the prices are high ?

We provide you with the lowest best prices possible, the original prices of these pre-orders are not less than $60-$80 and we are providing you with the official copies. We guarantee you the best quality product and region free content unlike others we don’t provide EU/PL/RU or any other region locked games which always has a chance to be blocked anytime.

Q9.Official pre order haven’t yet started, how come we providing it ?

We follow different channel sometimes we may start earlier and sometimes we may start later, but in both cases the prices are guaranteed.

Q10. Why Pre-Order KeysTeez ?

We have reason to believe you will choose KeysTeez only if you want the best.

  • 50% chance to surprise you with upgrading your pre-order free of charge.
  • Best and Unmatched Starting Prices.
  • Fixed Price, unlike others we don’t offer you cheap price at first and then ask for more.

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